British Flying Legends: Guy Gibson, John Moffat & RJ Mitchell

BFL Chapters 1-3 Cover 01 1200x1600 REThis edition of British Flying Legends provides an accessible and immediate introduction to three of Britain’s greatest aviation heroes, the aircraft that they flew and their outstanding contribution to Allies’ efforts during the Second World War. This edition includes the chapters, Guy Gibson: Legend of the Dam Busters, John Moffat: Legend of the Bismarck and RJ Mitchell: Legend of the Spitfire. This eBook is available as an ePub from rabbit & snail, or as eBooks from Amazon and Kobo. Continue reading “British Flying Legends: Guy Gibson, John Moffat & RJ Mitchell”

RJ Mitchell: Legend of the Spitfire

RJ Michell Legend of the SpitfireRJ Mitchell: Legend of the Spitfire by Richard Edwards recounts the extraordinary achievements of one of Britain’s greatest aviation legends, the man responsible for the iconic Supermarine Spitfire.

The book gives the reader an insight into the life of RJ Mitchell, his role in the prestigious Schneider Trophy air-races and the development of the astonishing aircraft that he created, including the Supermarine S4 and the Spitfire. Continue reading “RJ Mitchell: Legend of the Spitfire”

RJ Mitchell and the Spitfire’s Schneider Heritage

Supermarine S4It was RJ Mitchell’s revolutionary design for the Supermarine S4, an all-wooden, racing monoplane seaplane intended for the 1925 Schneider Trophy air-race, that evolved into Britain’s most famous and iconic Second World War fighter aircraft, the Spitfire.

Supermarine aircraft won the prestigious air-race five times, but it was the three successive victories between 1927 and 1931 that enabled Britain to win the cup outright and to retain the trophy. Continue reading “RJ Mitchell and the Spitfire’s Schneider Heritage”