Richard Todd, Michael Redgrave and a dozen Lancasters, it’s got to be ‘The Dam Busters’

Dam Busters PosterIf Britain’s war films of the 1950s are anything to go by, the evil ‘Bosch’ were single-handedly defeated by the stiff-upper-lipped officer classes, the role of the ordinary working-class Tommy limited to serving drinks in the mess or polishing a wind shield with an oily rag, while aimlessly splitting their infinitives and double-negativing their way through the day. Except oneContinue reading “Richard Todd, Michael Redgrave and a dozen Lancasters, it’s got to be ‘The Dam Busters’”

The Iconic Avro Lancaster, Still Capturing the Public’s Imagination

Lacaster 1The four-engined Lancaster bomber is one of the most iconic British aircraft of the Second World War and is still flying, seventy years on. The aircraft made its first operational bombing mission on 17 April 1942 and by the height of the war 42 Bomber Command squadrons operated Lancasters. Continue reading “The Iconic Avro Lancaster, Still Capturing the Public’s Imagination”

Guy Gibson: Legend of the Dam Busters

Guy Gibson, Legend of the Dam BustersTells the dramatic story of a renowned British flying legend and his leadership of the most famous bombing mission of the Second World War. The book is a fitting tribute to Gibson and the airmen who took part in the legendary Dambuster raid in May 1943.

The book explores Gibson’s complex and difficult personality, the development of the bouncing bomb and the intense wrangling within the RAF that almost stopped it getting off the drawing board.
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