Outstanding History of Japanese Air Force to the end of World War II

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“For its material ranging from panoramic perspectives of WWII in Asia and the Pacific to listings of specifications of air plane parts, the history is a distinctive and engaging work filling a gap in any military history library.”

“Edwards’ work goes well beyond the dramatic images of the Japanese World War II air power unleashed at Pearl Harbor, the infamous Zeros, and desperate bravery of the kamikazes which have become an indelible part of popular history. Although the “rise and fall” phrase of the title denotes the bulk of the content, the book is a history of Japanese air interests and air power from their origins and early developments preceding World War II.” Continue reading “Outstanding History of Japanese Air Force to the end of World War II”

Definitive History of the War in the Pacific

A detailed history of the events that led to Japan’s audacious attack on Pearl Harbor on 7 December 1941 and the bloody conflict that followed.
“New material previously unpublished is included, within an extremely well-written narrative history.” 

Aviation News – July 2011
“The book is a definite must for anyone interested in Japanese aircraft development and I definitely recommended it.”
Warships International Fleet Review – July 2011

Published by Pen and Sword Aviation Books and available now in hardback.
ISBN: 9781848843073

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