John Moffat: Legend of the Bismarck

John Moffat: Legend of the BismarckJohn Moffat: Legend of the Bismarck tells the remarkable story of a legendary Fleet Air Arm pilot who, with a single torpedo strike, delivered from an obsolete biplane, flown in a force nine gale, in the middle of the Atlantic, brought about the sinking of Nazi Germany’s most powerful battleship, the Bismarck.

This is a truly astonishing tale of bravery and courage in the face of overwhelming odds, a tale that has become a significant part of naval and aviation history. Continue reading “John Moffat: Legend of the Bismarck”

HMS Hood attacking the Bismarck, Battle of the Denmark Strait

HMS Hood pictured from HMS Prince of Wales as they engaged the German battleship Bismarck and the battlecruiser Prinz Eugen during the Battle of the Denmark Strait on 24 May 1941. Continue reading “HMS Hood attacking the Bismarck, Battle of the Denmark Strait”