Frank Sinatra

One of Hollywood’s most colourful crooners is celebrated with an in-depth contribution from Charles Pignone, an executive at Frank Sinatra Enterprises in Los Angeles and the author of the definitive coffee table reference book on the singer, The Sinatra Treasures. The programme explores Frank’s life and career, his rise to fame and his enduring appeal. Continue reading “Frank Sinatra”

The Road Movies

One of the most popular comedy film series to emerge from Hollywood were the ‘Road Movies’ that starred Bing Crosby, Bob Hope and Dorothy Lamour. The programme tells the story of how the trio entertained audiences with a series of films that began with Road to Singapore in 1940 and ended on the Road to Hong Kong twenty-two years later in 1962. Continue reading “The Road Movies”

Glenn Miller

The programme was recorded on location at the Glenn Miller Museum at the former RAF Twinwood air base in Bedfordshire, from where Glenn took-off the night that he mysteriously disappeared on 15 December 1944. The programme explores the museum and the recently restored control tower, as well as celebrating Glenn’s music and his career. Continue reading “Glenn Miller”