My new book is published today

Heroes and Landmarks of British Aviation
By Richard Edwards and Peter J Edwards


Order your copy from Pen and Sword Books

This week Pen and Sword Books published Heroes and Landmarks of British Aviation by Sussex authors Richard and Peter Edwards.

The book tells the dramatic stories of Britain’s aviation pioneers, the men and women who often risked everything to be the first into the skies, to fly the furthest, the highest and the fastest. Continue reading “My new book is published today”

Heroes and Landmarks of British Aviation

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Avro Lancaster: 70 Years an Icon and Still Flying

Lancaster B Mk Is of RAF 50 Squadron in spread formation

The four-engined Lancaster bomber, which entered service with the RAF in 1942, is one of the most iconic British aircraft of the Second World War and is still flying, seventy years on.

The aircraft made its first operational bombing mission on 17 April 1942 and by the height of the war 42 Bomber Command squadrons operated Lancasters. It was the mainstay of Bomber Command and the one aircraft, above all others, that did more to take the fight to the enemy in the skies over occupied-Europe during those dark days of the war.

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