My new book is published today

Heroes and Landmarks of British Aviation
By Richard Edwards and Peter J Edwards


Order your copy from Pen and Sword Books

This week Pen and Sword Books published Heroes and Landmarks of British Aviation by Sussex authors Richard and Peter Edwards.

The book tells the dramatic stories of Britain’s aviation pioneers, the men and women who often risked everything to be the first into the skies, to fly the furthest, the highest and the fastest. Continue reading “My new book is published today”

Richard Edwards

Richard EdwardsRichard Edwards is an author and screenwriter living in the picturesque county of Sussex in the UK.He has a passion for history, biography and adventure and writes both fiction and non-fiction. He has worked in the media for many years, including with the BBC and a range of commercial broadcasters in the UK and overseas. He has written and produced documentaries and radio drama, recorded numerous celebrity interviews and worked in news production.

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