RJ Mitchell: Legend of the Spitfire

RJ Michell Legend of the SpitfireRJ Mitchell: Legend of the Spitfire by Richard Edwards recounts the extraordinary achievements of one of Britain’s greatest aviation legends, the man responsible for the iconic Supermarine Spitfire. The book gives the reader an insight into the life of RJ Mitchell, his role in the prestigious Schneider Trophy air-races and the development of the astonishing aircraft that he created, including the Supermarine S4 and the Spitfire.

Series: British Flying Legends
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Published by rabbit&snail, September 2013

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The book goes on to explore the aircraft that evolved from the Spitfire, including the Seafire, Spiteful and Seafang, as well as looking at the Spitfire on the silver screen, recounting its role in classic British war films.

Reginald Joseph Mitchell worked his way up from the workshop to become Supermarine’s technical director. During his tragically short career he designed twenty-four aircraft, including those that won the prestigious Schneider Trophy air-race an astonishing five times, eventually winning the trophy in perpetuity for Great Britain.

It was RJ Mitchell’s revolutionary design for the Supermarine S4, an all-wooden racing seaplane intended for the 1925 Schneider air-race, which finally evolved into the Spitfire. Sadly, ill-health intervened and Mitchell did not live to see the Spitfire in action or to witness the invaluable contribution that it made in the defence of Great Britain during the Second World War.

RJ Mitchell: Legend of the Spitfire is the third chapter of British Flying Legends, a series of eBooks from Richard Edwards, which chronicles the lives and achievements of some of Britain’s greatest flying legends.

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