Remarkable legend of the sinking of the Bismarck in new eBook

JJohn Moffat, Legend of the Bismarck Coverohn Moffat: Legend of the Bismarck is the latest release in the British Flying Legends series and tells the remarkable story of a Fleet Air Arm flying legend who, with a single torpedo strike, delivered from an obsolete biplane, in a force nine gale, in the middle of the Atlantic, brought about the sinking of   Germany’s most powerful battleship, the Bismarck.

This is concise insight into the achievements of John Moffat and one of the Second World War’s most infamous sea battles, the Royal Navy’s frantic search and subsequent sinking of the Bismarck in May 1941. Click here to read the Kindle preview.

John Moffat: Legend of the Bismarck is the second chapter of British Flying Legends a new book by Richard Edwards and this particular chapter is around the length of a short story, approximately 35 printed pages.

In addition to exploring John Moffat’s early life and his role in the sinking of the Bismarck, this book also looks at the dramatic sinking of HMS Hood and the loss of over 1,400 of her crew during the short Battle of the Denmark Strait, the story of HMS Ark Royal and the aircraft that helped deliver the decisive torpedo attacks, including the out-dated Fairey Swordfish biplane.

British Flying Legends

Guy Gibson, Legend of the Dam Busters Cover v2 (600x800)Guy Gibson: Legend of the Dam Busters is a new ebook from established aviation author Richard Edwards that tells the dramatic story of a renowned British flying legend and his leadership of the most famous bombing mission of the Second World War.

Future editions of British Flying Legends will explore topics from throughout the twentieth-century and will include the birth of civil aviation, the triumphs and disasters in the development of the modern jet airliner and some of the loneliest and most daring missions undertaken at sea by the Royal Navy’s Fleet Air Arm.

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