Guy Gibson: Legend of the Dam Busters – Celebrating A British Flying Legend

Guy Gibson Legend of the Dam BustersGuy Gibson: Legend of the Dam Busters by Richard Edwards is a new ebook that tells the dramatic story of a renowned British flying legend and his leadership of Bomber Command’s infamous raid on the Ruhr dams in May 1943.

The book looks at the development of the bouncing bomb and the intense wrangling within the RAF that almost stopped it from getting off the drawing board. It also reveals the truth behind the mysterious air crash that one year later cost Gibson his life, including why the RAF chose to keep the actual cause of the crash a secret.

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Wing Commander Guy Gibson was one of the RAF’s most experienced airmen. During the Second World War he completed two tours of duty with Bomber Command and a third with Fighter Command. He was awarded numerous decorations for his bravery, not least of all the Victoria Cross for his leadership of the Dambuster raid.

Guy Gibson: Legend of the Dam Busters was released to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the extraordinary and daring Dambuster raid on 16 May 1943, providing a fitting and timely tribute to a truly extraordinary and courageous aviator.

This title, which is around the length of a short-story, is the first chapter of a new book British Flying Legends from Richard Edwards. Each chapter will be released individually, each chronicling the life and achievements of one of Britain’s greatest flying legends. A single volume of all the chapters will also be available for those wishing to read the whole collection. Future releases will include the inside story of the birth of civil aviation, the triumphs and disasters of the world’s first commercial jet airliner and the race to find and sink the Bismarck. Details of new releases available soon.

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