Malaysian Army Museum Aircraft Collection

Great pictures from the Malaysian Army Museum aircraft collection. Check out the blog article for yourself if you have a chance.


Early on April, me and my family got this chance to visit the Malaysian Army Museum located at Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan. This has been the second time that we’ve come to this visit the museum, having done so some three years ago.

Within this period, it seems that new exhibits have been added into the museum’s collection which also include another Aerospatiale Allouette Mk IIIB formerly operated by the PUTD in 1990’s as well as a former RMAF CL-41G Tutor Tebuan ground attack aircraft.

The two aircraft joined the museum’s existing A-4PTM Skyhawk aircraft operated by No 6 Skn, an Allouette Mk IIIB in its end of service colour scheme as well as DHC-4A Caribou.

There are also scaled models of the Caribou as well as the C-130H-30 depicted in No 20 Skn markings within the museum’s segmented exhibition hall. The museum also has a propeller believed to be of the…

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